Fischer Markus, Konstruktion & Programmierung
Fischer Markus
Konstruktion &


Your Solution for Automation with Robot

About my international experience from over 30 years at Automation with KUKA Robots
for the Automotive- and General-Industry, can I give you a reliable and qualified support
at following Tasks:

  • Programming from Robots at expertlevel on all generation off KUKA-Robots
  • Experience at welding (MIG/MAG, Spotweld, Laser), pressinterlinking,
    handling, glueing and sealing , waterjet cutting, bussystems
  • Offlineprogramming with Robcad
  • Optimise of Cycletime- and Process
  • PLC-Programming from Automations and integration from Camerasystems
  • Construction of electric drawings
  • Projektmanagement
  • Sidemanagement
  • Documentation
  • Training's
Fischer Markus
Konstruktion & Programmierung
Steinmetzstraße 2/D-86165 Augsburg